Dutch Doll

Attributed to Alma Boylston
Salley, SC
ca. 1930
McKissick Museum Collection 2013.11.137

 Also known as Sunbonnet Sue, this popular pattern for using fabric scraps was inspired by a book series. The Sunbonnet Babies Primer by New Hampshire school- teacher Eulalie Osgood Grover and illustrated by Minneapolis-based artist Bertha Corbett Melcher was first published in 1902. Hand-appliqué dolls are decorated with black running stitch and outline quilted. Blocks and lattice strips are machine-stitched and outline quilted. Border is fan quilted. For decades this pattern’s depiction of a girlhood filled with watering flowers and playing with dolls resonated with quilters, but in 1979 the Seamsters Union Local 500 in Lawrence, Kansas, decided she had to go. They stitched The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue, in which each quilter depicted a way of killing off Sunbonnet Sue. 

Orange Peel
Maker Unknown
South Carolina
Gift of Peurifoy Stevenson in Honor of Mrs. J. E. (Mary Lewis) Stevenson

Mosaic Quilt
Maker Unknown
Ridge Spring, SC
ca. 1850-1880
Gift of Beulah Louise Watson 

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